For many, the most significant day of their lives is the wedding day. With this comes a lot of pressure on the photographer to produce stunning images of special moments in a small window of time. This will be incredibly rewarding when it’s mission accomplished, and the couple and their loved ones will cherish the album, but where do you begin? We’ve thrown together a few tips to point any wedding photographer in the right direction.


Preparing shots


Most importantly, be prepared ahead of the day. Find out how many portraits, group photos and general event photos the couple want in the final album. Do they want vibrance? Natural light? Black and white? Let this be guide to your practice and assist you in keeping track of crucial points come wedding day.


Take the right equipment


Get hold of a full-frame camera. Common camera models used for weddings include but not limited to DSLRs, the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, and the Nikon D810. It’s recommended to take wide and long lenses to switch between group shots and portraits. And of course, you don’t want to run out of battery or memory halfway through the ceremony. Always take back-ups.


Know your lenses


There’s a lot going at a wedding and it’s your job to capture it’s various elements. From portraits, to groups, to the scenery, to small details. There is a lens for each of these – eg. wide angle for broader spaces and macro for the micro.


Relate to the guests


If you aren’t already, it’s important to feel like a friend at the event. So get know the couple and their personalities over your meetings, and try to connect with guests before you snap away so you can capture everyone in as natural and genuine a state as possible. Have fun with the candid shots too as these will also be fondly looked upon.


Pay attention to detail


Not only to facial expressions but to smaller details. Close-ups of rings, bouquets, dresses, kisses, and the wedding cake will add creativity and depth to the album. On this note, stay on the ball throughout the day. Be ready to shoot in raw if it means you’ll be ready for moments as they happen. It’s hard to always get the perfect timing but this will help along with frequently scoping out what’s around you.


Remember to enjoy and immerse yourself in the event. Have fun with it.