For every couple who is getting hitched, they will want to find the perfect Sydney wedding photographer for their occasion. They will need to be reliable, to have the ability to stand on their feet all day, as well as the skill to capture the natural and precious moments. Furthermore, when Sydney wedding photography is needed, it is important that it matches the type of ceremony. Nowadays, there are more and more people staying away from the more traditional ceremonies and are instead opting for something that is in alignment with their personalities. For example, there are couples out there who are obsessed with the Harry Potter films and have decided to go for a Harry Potter themed ceremony. Others have grown up in the country and wish to have a country and bush inspired theme. Backyard celebrations are popular for couples who are laidback and low-key. Whatever the type of event that is desired, it is important to implement Sydney wedding photography that will suit the style of the ceremony. This means that the bride, groom and wedding party will be more likely to feel comfortable and this will increase the chances that the perfect pictures will be taken. As finding the perfect professional is so imperative, this article will explore where to find Sydney wedding photography for a non-traditional or unique ceremony.

Put up an ad online

A great way to finding Sydney wedding photography for a unique ceremony is by putting up an ad online. This could be in a Facebook group, in the form of a Facebook post, an Instagram post or it could be a Gumtree ad. An ad could be put in the local newspaper or directory. This is a great way to put personal details in the ad and see who is attracted to respond. If the ad is quirky and explains the theme of the event, it is likely that the response will be from someone with similar quirks and values. As most people use the internet these days, it is likely that someone great will be found with this method.

View the professional’s portfolio

Another great way to finding Sydney wedding photography for a non-traditional ceremony is by viewing the professional’s portfolio. This can usually be found on their website on in their studio if visiting in-person. If the previous events that they have shot are unique and taken in a way that suits the couple at hand, then this is usually a great indication that they are the right person for the job. Alternatively, if the images look bland, traditional and boring then they may not be the right person for a personalised experience. Chatting with the lens artist is also a great way to get a sense of their style and personality. For couples who are laid back and who have a good sense of humour, it is important to find someone who is willing to have a laugh. Having said this, while someone laid back may be desired, it is still important to find someone who is going to be reliable, on-time and who will return the photos in a timely manner. Discussing all of this with the lens artist is important to do before hiring them.

At the end of the day, not everyone wants their special day to be the norm. A great way to have a ceremony that matches the couple’s personality is by making it their own and doing things their way. Finding a Sydney wedding photography that will emulate this is the perfect way to ensuring that the best day is had by everyone involved.