Couples want their wedding photos to look amazing. There may not be time come wedding day to get the perfect shot. Your photographer doesn’t want to hastily direct you around, and I’m sure you have more important things to do that a number of re-takes.


This is why many choose to do a pre-wedding photo-shoot. We’ve thrown together 10 beautiful location ideas if you want to do this too:


  1. City park – a white wedding dress will look lovely on a backdrop of green. Not to mention trees provide shady spots to get that soft, even glow.


  1. Hilltops – offer a unique vantage point for background, whether that’s over your town, a coastline or rural area.


  1. Architectural feat – perhaps there’s a part of your city or town that has some beautiful old buildings, or a sculpture you’ve always liked the aesthetic of. Perhaps this sandstone, a government house, or an old industrial site.


  1. Pier – for a backdrop of water without getting wet or sandy.


  1. Boat – have a Titanic moment and enjoy a little bubbly while cruising a nice location.


  1. Universities – have expansive grounds and impressive architecture often complemented by green grass. The sandstone archways of the Sydney University Quadrangle sees wedding photographers every other week.


  1. Beach – sandy shores and sea salt can add that hint of paradise to your wedding photos. Visit a local coastline or make this an excuse for a tropical getaway.


  1. Cove or lake – capture the magic of a sparkling bay, or stretch of water. Worry less about waves ruining your vibe here than at open beaches.


  1. Rainforest – a creek or canopy could would make for unique shots. Enjoy the tranquility while you’re there.


  1. Cliff top – can be the place to achieve that ‘wind-blown’ look.


  1. Botanical gardens – for pretty. The floral displays may distract from the bouquet though.


  1. Mountains – find a grand (canyon) lookout to shoot before… That you can drive to, hopefully, and not have to hike up in heels.


  1. Farm – get that country feel in big open spaces. Are barnyard weddings still a thing?


  1. Vineyard – same as above, but wine country. They’re rather romantic
  2. City Icons – it may be especially iconic for you to have beautiful photographs with your lover in the city you live in. Say, live in Sydney? I hear there’s a nice bridge and Opera House somewhere