No matter what your motivation is when you decide to buy bongs, there are certain things that you should consider before completing your purchase. Today we’re going over these factors to help you make an informed choice:


The first thing you’re going to need to consider when you buy bongs is what material they are made out of. While glass is certainly one of the most common materials given that it allows for a stronger, more beautiful construction while also remaining easy to clean, there are plenty of other material options available for those who wish to buy bongs. Plastic and resin options are gaining popularity and we’ve even seen some rather interesting contraptions crafted from a collection of materials, so be sure to always check before checking out.

Please Note: We strongly suggest that no matter which material you select, you ensure that it is considered food grade unless your new purchase will be used only for decorative purposes.


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Speaking of decorative purposes, many people do, in fact, buy bongs simply to display them. Because of this, creators have taken to crafting more elaborate and beautiful designs over the past couple of years. This is important to consider as while a delicate or fancy design may be quite nice to look at, it probably isn’t going to be super practical in many cases so you’re going to want to think about whether the options you are considering actually serve the purpose that led you to buy bongs in the first place.


Another important factor to consider when you decide to buy bongs is the size of the options that you are considering. Product imagery doesn’t always accurately portray the sizing of an item when shopping online so unless you’re looking to buy bongs in person, it’s important to always check the listed measurements before completing your purchase.


While it may be perfectly legal to buy bongs in your area (either listed as such or sold as oil pourers or under another title) that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be legal in each place that they must pass through to get to you, or that it’s permissible to bring them to your local. We strongly suggest checking the legality of your purchase before checking out as stores are not generally liable for any losses due to products being destroyed or confiscated by authorities when passing through customs or being checked along their journey.


Finally, it’s also important to consider how your items will be posted when you buy bongs online. While most online stores will take care to package their goods in a way that minimises damage, they do not have control over how couriers will handle your goods. A fragile sticker and plenty of padding unfortunately simply isn’t enough to protect products if a postage carrier doesn’t care for their packages properly so if there’s a certain courier in your area that is known for mistreating goods, it’s important to ensure that your new purchase doesn’t ship with them. By the same token, couriers may have different requirements about what they will, and will not, carry in certain areas so you should always make sure that your purchase will actually be able to get to you.

Because of the delicate nature of their construction, and the fact that they are such a touchy subject with the law in some areas, it is important to be careful when you buy bongs – be sure to consider the points on this list and have a think about what exactly it is that you want before you start looking in order to make the process as smooth as possible.